Nathan Newman/Lola Perrin film made for the launch of the
Raif Badawai Award 2015

A film directed by Nathan Newman about the plight of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi being held in prison and flogged while the rulers attempt to silence his calls for freedom of expression.

From an original idea by Lola Perrin

Music: Lola Perrin
Arranged by Lola Perrin & Stephen Hiscock

Director: Nathan Newman

Cinematography: Chris Davis

Piano: Lola Perrin
Vibraphone: Stephen Hiscock
Recorded by Stephen Bentley-Klein
Special thanks to Genevieve Wilkins

Special thanks to all who have helped Raif

Extracts from '1000 Lashes Because I say what I think' by Raif Badawi with kind permission of the Badawi family.